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Airport Security Jobs

What is Airport Security?

The events of September 11th, 2001 changed airport security forever. Before that day, most airport security was provided by private firms. Afterward, Congress created the TSA and Department of Homeland Security, which oversee all airport security. Today, a few airports do hire private firms who work under the authority of the TSA, but the overwhelming agents are federal.

Airport Security Job Description

Most airport security jobs involve daily inspections of passengers or cargo. However, airport security may range from screeners (people who screen all passengers) to patrolling officers, to emergency responders. Agents need to be self-aware and observant, but also able to handle stressful situations. Airport security jobs also require people skills.

Where do I find an airport security training?

Currently, training for airport security jobs is available through the TSA upon being hired. Of course, experience in security jobs or law enforcement is always a huge advantage. There are also a number of programs available through various colleges. One of the simplest is the certificate of homeland security—a degree that usually requires one semester of work and teaches basic emergency management skills. The greatest requirement, however, is the extensive background check that all employees must undergo. If an applicant has a crime record, airport security will probably be completely unworkable for them.
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Airport Security Job Outlook

The airport security job salary range for most airport security jobs is $50,000 to $90,000. Naturally, directors and managers receive an even higher wage. Screeners, however, may work for as little as $25,000 to $30,000. The future outlook for the jobs is also quite strong. It is highly unlikely that the demand for airport security will go down, and in the future, airports will probably need even more workers to fulfill this need. In addition, people with experience in this field have a good likelihood of being able to transfer to other types of law enforcement. Many airport security agents do use their experience to transfer to other departments of homeland security.

How do I find Airport Security job openings?

The best way to find an airport security job is through the Homeland Security Jobs web site and the TSA website. These positions are also stored in the USA Jobs database which is easily searchable. For the few airports which contract private security firms, process would be a matter of identifying the firm and contacting them independently. In general, however, the TSA is the best for finding these security jobs.

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