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US Border Patrol Jobs

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Border Patrol Jobs

Border Patrol Jobs and Careers

The primary jobs available with the border patrol are as patrol agents. The agency is currently hiring and in need of more people for this role. There are a few jobs available in management or other administrative roles. Still, the overwhelming openings currently are definitely as patrol agents.

What is the U.S. Border Patrol?

The U.S. border patrol is an agency within the U.S. Customs and Border Protection which is itself a part of the Department of Homeland Security. The border patrol agency is charged with maintaining the borders of the US, barring illegal entry or smuggling of contraband. Since 2005, the border patrol has played a critical role, particularly on the Southern border. Currently, the border patrol includes more sworn, armed law enforcement officers than any other federal agency.

What are the Border Patrol's job requirements?

The border patrol is quite clear on its job requirements. The border patrol job applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • must be U.S. citizens
  • must possess a valid driverís license
  • under 40 years old
  • must know Spanish or be able to learn it
  • pass a thorough background check.

Border Patrol Physical Requirements

In addition, patrol agents must pass two physical fitness tests; both of which are fairly rigorous. The border patrol website provides detailed information, and even offers advice on how to prepare for the physical tests.

Border Patrol Training

Training to be patrol agent is what might be expected for a typical law-enforcement position. Agents will learn basic self-defense skills and law-enforcement tactics. For this reason, applicants that already have a background in law enforcement are preferred. All new agents attend the border patrol academy in Artesia, New Mexico. The training program lasts for 55 days and includes five different modules. Agents must maintain a passing average and an overall average of 70% in the combined modules. Any agents who are not already fluent in Spanish must also complete a 40-day, basic Spanish competency course.
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How do I find Border Patrol job openings?

Like most federal jobs, applicants can find available position online at Homeland Security Jobs or the USA Jobs online database. The interface makes searching easy, though most job searches will span across the entire customs and border protection rather than border patrol alone. The border patrol agency does also provide an excellent system for monitoring the status of your application after you have begun seeking jobs. Finally, the U.S. border patrol website does have excellent information about the application process. Anyone interested in working as an agent for the border patrol should certainly take advantage of this information.

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