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Department of Homeland Security Jobs

What is the Department of Homeland Security?

The Dept. of Homeland Security is a large agency in the federal government that includes several other major agencies. Within the department of homeland security, the TSA monitors security in our transportation systems and guards against terrorism. The U.S. border patrol is responsible primarily for securing the nationís borders against terrorism and overseeing and regulating trade to and from the U.S. The secret service is charged with protecting significant persons of national importance, and fighting counterfeit or other financial crimes. Today, the two main concerns for the department of homeland security are enforcing drug and immigration laws, particularly in the southwest along the U.S.-Mexican border and terrorism.

Dept. of Homeland Security Employment and Dept. of Homeland Security Careers

The majority of jobs in the department of homeland security involve law enforcement and security. One of the fastest growing needs is for more border patrol agents on the U.S.-Mexican border, but most likely, the future will also require more security agents in transportation. In addition to these jobs, there are also a good number of support roles, including secretarial, political, technological , medical, investigative, environmental, and managerial. These more specialized positions require a wide variety of skills and previous training, depending on the specific requirements of the position. Jobs in the department of homeland security are available at many different locations, spread across the country.

How do I get Department of Homeland Security training?

  • For law enforcement positions, most entrants undergo a rigorous training program.
  • Border patrol agents undergo a seven week basic training at Artesia, New Mexico that is widely recognized as one of the most intense and comprehensive in law enforcement. Knowledge of Spanish is required, but courses in Spanish are offered for agents without previous knowledge in the language.
  • Air marshals must also demonstrate additional abilities in marksmanship and close contact self-defense. Other positions, however, are less demanding. Airport screeners generally take a 12 hour training course. Other TSA positions have moderately challenging physical and training requirements.

How do I find Department of Homeland Security job openings?

Jobs in the department of homeland security are listed on Homeland Security Jobs and the USA Jobs Web site. This database is fully searchable by job type and location. All listings also include information about the pay grade and any special requirements for the position. An applicant then goes through a registration process to determine whether they can advance to the written test. The process includes interviews, surveys, and initial background screening. Opportunities at the department of homeland security continue to grow, and applicants may find the perfect career in law enforcement or in another aspect of the department.

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