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FBI Jobs

What kind of FBI jobs are available?

One may join the FBI force as a special agent or as part of their professional staff. The job of the special agent is the most well-known—gathering evidence, making an arrest, appearing in federal court, investigating illegal activity, or working in an office. The professional staff offers positions such as the following: linguist, hostage resuce team, female special agents, secretary, writer, program analyst, IT specialist or technician.

What is the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a department of the US government that performs the following services on behalf of United States citizens:
  • protects from crime
  • investigates and responds to threats
  • accumulates vast amounts of intelligence in order to better defend the United States
The FBI’s main interest is in investigating violations of federal law. These violations are divided into two groups. National security priorities include terrorism, counterintelligence, and cyber crime. Criminal priorities include public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, white-collar crime, and violent crime and major thefts.

How many people does the FBI employ?

Based in Washington, D.C., the FBI’s employs 35,525 people. The Director of the FBI, selected by the President of the USA and Senate, is currently Robert S. Mueller, III.

Where do I find FBI jobs?

FBI jobs are located in their headquarters located in Washington D.C., in major U.S. cities, in smaller US cities and towns, and in US embassies throughout the world.

Where do I get FBI training to become an speical agent or employee?

The training require an FBI special agent in strenuous, involving 20 weeks (850 hours) at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. A special agent is trained in academics, case exercises, firearms training, and operational skills. This training makes the candidate well-rounded in all aspects of their job—law and ethics, real life situations, firearm usage, and physical fitness.
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How do I join the FBI?

To join the FBI, one must go through the Center for Intelligence Training. This Center works to instruct people in FBI law and policies in addition to the basic mission of the FBI.

The homepage of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Homeland Security Jobs Webiste displays some job positions currently available. Since the FBI Hiring Management’s integration with the Office of Personnel Management’s USA Jobs Web site, available FBI positions are on USA Jobs. After establishing an account, one will be able to store a resume on the site. One may also create search agents which will match one’s job search criteria with available jobs and send an email notification. After finding a job, one may complete the application online through USA Jobs.

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