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Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

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Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

What is the Federal Law Enforcement?

Federal law enforcement is a broad and amorphous category of jobs that are available in a number branches of the federal government. These include jobs in the department of homeland security, the border patrol, the DEA (drug enforcement), the secret service, the FBI, and others. Generally speaking, the agents of these various departments are charged with maintaining the laws that govern federal mandates or transcend local jurisdictions. Many federal agents also perform local enforcement roles, and at times, these jurisdictions can overlap significantly.

Federal Law Enforcement Careers

Careers in federal law enforcement range from the following:
  • police work
  • administrative positions,
  • financial analysis
  • investigation.
The majority of the available careers, however, are agents performing policing tasks. Such careers are available across the country. Some involve significant travel; others are more localized.

Federal Law Enforcement Training

The training requirements for federal law enforcement jobs also depends on the position. In general, a background in police work is a huge advantage. On the other hand, a college degree in criminal justice is probably unnecessary. Many of the federal law enforcement agencies actually prefer breadth, with a major in social science or the humanities. Most of the critical training for the careers is made available through the agencies themselves, upon hiring.

Of course, the more specialized jobs require training in more specific areas. As internet and white-collar crime increase, federal law enforcement is involving more agents with training in technical sciences and accounting. For these jobs, a bachelors or masters degree in specific technical majors is an absolute requirement.
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How do I find a Federal Law Enforcement Job?

The best way to apply for a federal law enforcement job is through USA Jobs and the Homeland Security Jobs web site. . This massive database of jobs is fully searchable and even allows searching by location. The database gives excellent information for each job, including salary, training requirements, and location. However, it is also good to decide if there is a particular agency one prefers to work for before beginning the search process. If a particular job is in view, it is best to use the links on their departmental sites to find jobs for that type of federal law enforcement. Finally, it is important to recognize that many agents switch between federal law enforcement agencies every few years, and many of these departments are quite fluid in their staffing.

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