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TSA Jobs

What is the Transportation Security Agency or TSA?

When several planes were hijacked in September of 2001, airport security and inspection was provided by various private firms. Immediately after the national crisis, Congress created the TSA—the Transportation Security Agency. Organized under the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA is responsible for
  • airport inspections
  • the federal air marshal program
  • cargo inspection
  • K-9 unit
  • other airport security responsibilities

TSA Employment and TSA Careers

The most basic TSA employment is for direct inspections — whether involved with passengers or cargo. There are many TSA career paths within the managerial infrastructure of the TSA, there are also jobs ranging from budget analysts to secretarial to human relations. A few careers are available with intense traveling—air marshals. The TSA does also have a canine inspection unit and employ dog trainers or handlers.
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Where are TSA jobs located?

TSA jobs are available at almost any location where there are airports. Of course, there are also many administrative jobs available, most of which are located in Arlington Virginia or Washington DC. A few jobs involve so much traveling, they are hardly based in a given location. In some cases, information about the specifics of a job is unavailable to the general public.

TSA Training: Are there basic job requirments?

TSA jobs involved with inspection involve a fairly minimal amount of training. Airport screeners, for instance, only undergo a 12 hour course. Administrative jobs obviously require a good background in business. Law enforcement jobs usually require an extended amount of training. One of the most common certificates for jobs in the TSA is the certificate of homeland security. This homeland security degree usually requires only a semester to complete, but provides the student with basic skills and a significant hiring advantage. Other training and required skills will vary with the particular position.

References for TSA Jobs

All employment opportunites with the TSA require a solid background check, especially the air marshals.

How do I find TSA job openings?

The easiest way to find a TSA job opening is through Homeland Security Jobs or the USA Jobs online database. The TSA website also has a link for available jobs that are specific to the department. The interface for searching is quite simple and intuitive. Here, you can find jobs based on the type or location. Full information is available for job description, annual income, and requirements. There could hardly be a simpler or better way to find available jobs, and there are always TSA job openings for the right candidate.

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